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At American Heritage, we understand fast financing is crucial for real estate investments. Access necessary funds and close quickly on your rental or flip property.

Flexible Financing

Most lenders avoid distressed properties, but at American Heritage, we approve any level of distress and fund your fix-and-flip or fix-and-rent investment property.


Lower down payment and interest rates mean more equity, and more cash flow for you. Choose from our competitive rates and leverage options to find the right loan.

Experience the best mortgage services with a trustworthy team supporting you.

American Heritage Lending

Maximize Your Investment Potential with the Right Loan Fit

Fast Funding

Long Term Rental

Simplified documentation, quick loan approvals, and fast funding



We offers cash-out refinance loans to property owners and real estate investors

Interest Only

Hard Money

Hard Money interest-only loans available for 6 to 24 months

Flexible Financing

Fix & Flip / Bridge Loans

Our Fix & Flip / Bridge Loans provide flexible financing solutions for your property projects

Customized Non-QM Loans to Suit Your Requirements

American Heritage Lending is a client-focused lender operating in the Non-QM mortgage industry. Our founders, with years of experience in mortgage lending, have a track record of delivering adaptable options to borrowers who are not eligible for Qualified Mortgages.

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American Heritage Lending, a lender prioritizing customer service in the Non-QM mortgage market, was established by mortgage professionals with a track record of providing flexible solutions to borrowers ineligible for Qualified Mortgages. https://www.traditionrolex.com/43

Why American Heritage?

Expert Guidance

Our group of mortgage experts is dedicated to guiding you in making well-informed financial choices tailored to meet your individual needs.

Competitive Rates

Benefit from our statement loans featuring competitive interest rates, providing potential savings throughout the loan's duration.

American Heritage Lending

Qualify without requiring income documentation by providing personal and business bank statements, P&L statements, or rental lease agreements with a DSCR.

Affordable Interest Rates

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Premier lender for real estate investors

At American Heritage Lending, we collaborate with you to design the most suitable loan to cater to your requirements, whether you’re seeking to buy a home or refinance your current loan for cash-out. 

We make the process of obtaining a loan straightforward and uncomplicated.


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