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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a real estate investor or borrower who hasn’t used hard money loans before, you may have several questions. Here are some common queries and their straightforward answers. However, if you have any further questions regarding hard money loans, please don’t hesitate to contact American Heritage Lending.

  1. Bridge Loans
  2. Fix and Flip 
  3. Long-Term Rental 
  4. New Construction 
  5. Cash-Out Refinance Loans
  6. Commercial Real Estate
  1. Short Term Loans – our process can take as few as 5 days.
  2. Long Term Rental Loans – all of our loans can be closed in less than 21 days.

Our application process is simple. We don’t ask for Tax Returns, W-2’s, Paystubs, etc.  Just fill out our application form and or contact us by email or phone.  info@ahlendllc.com or +1 (888) 501-9033

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